CATAPULT your videos within the TOP 4 spots of YouTube in under 4 weeks

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Unique & in demand service available for the very 1st time. Only for a ltd number of clients

Hi there, with more and more search traffic moving into the video arena & onto YouTube, it’s more essential than ever that when someone types in your keywords that your video shows up at the top of YouTube & you have a strong presence.

Let us catapult you to the top of YouTube…..

  • Did you know that 90% of ALL internet traffic will be VIDEO related by the end of 2013?
  • Did you also know that YouTube is the 3rd most visited website in the world (after only Google & Facebook)?
  • Furthermore, YouTube is owned by Google who paid $1.65 billion for a very good reason…..

……they were ahead of the game & saw how online video usage would increase exponentially – which it has done.


The good news is that you can leverage off their investment and our experience!

So what what does this mean you may ask?

Well as a business owner, service provider or artist it’s essential that you have a presence on YouTube.

More importantly, you need to get to the top of YouTube for your keywords so that people can find you, hear about you and do business with you. When they type in the keyword relating to what you offer, you need to show up at the top!


The Problem

  • There are over 60 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute
  • Over 4 billion videos are viewed every day
  • Almost all users don’t know how to get their videos up in the YouTube rankings (remember it’s owned by Google who favour video content) and so their videos become ‘invisible’ and relatively worthless.

So basically if you don’t get your video in front of people they’re not going to see it, learn about you or potentially do business with you. What a huge, wasted opportunity. Ouch!

Also if you don’t get your videos to the top, then it’s going to be your competition who are up there in your place and you’re going to be trying desperately to catch up in months & years to come in a much more crowded, competitive and more expensive space. Period!

As we know, the name of the game is to work smarter, not harder – and make the most of opportunity when it presents itself.

So what’s the Opportunity?

  • Online video usage is growing exponentially – over 800 million unique users currently visit YouTube each month – that’s a lot of traffic!
  • Viewers are much more likely to pass on and share video content via email & Social Media platforms such as Facebook & Twitter – for example 500 years of video are watched every day on Facebook and over 700 YouTube videos shared on Twitter each minute. Think about your own surfing and viewing tendencies and what get’s shared. You need to be getting a piece of this action!

  • Videos can increase click through rates by as much as 750% – that’s phenomenal!
  • Contrary to popular opinion, the majority of YouTube users are mature, are using YouTube to get useful content and have disposable income
  • There were over 1 Trillion Video playbacks in 2011 – This is a HUGE potential market & audience


The Solution

  • We can help you piggy back up to the top of YouTube rapidly within 4 weeks for your specialist area / keywords!
  • For the very first time you can now tap into me and my teams expert knowledge and unique personally tailored strategy, gained from over 6 years testing & tracking.
  • You simply supply us with your YouTube video & account log in and we apply our strategy to get it ranking for you.

If you DON’T already have a video, don’t worry, we can assist you: please watch the end of the video above where we outline a number of the video services that we offer. We have a professional team of video creators who can create all kinds of videos for you, even just from still images. Email

In case you’re wondering if I’m qualified, I’m a public speaker, published author in print, DVD, online video & digital formats and have taught 1000’s of business owners & individuals around the world, have nearly 2,000,000 YouTube views and multiple page 1 organic Google & YouTube search engine rankings. I speak & train at all of Simon Coulson’s events and am co-founder of the global online training portal. All my team are personally taught and accredited by me. You can see hundreds of testimonials for my coaching at &


Most importantly for you, it’s about the results we’ve got for clients, for whom we have achieved 100’s of YouTube top rankings. Please watch the video above to see a small sample or here’s a screenshot showing YouTube pages totally ‘sewn up’ for key search phrases.

You Tube Search Engine Optimisation Service – A Top 4 Spot within 4 Weeks Guaranteed

You need to ask yourself 2 questions

  • Are you using video in your business?
  • If not, why not? And do you want to be playing catch up to your competition?

Every business & service should be using video.
There are over 40 potential uses of video but here are just a few examples of how you, your clients or your business could use it, for:

  1. Search Engine Optimisation
  2. Driving traffic to your site & business Putting a face, personality or human aspect behind your business or service
  3. Establishing someone as an expert and respected authority
  4. Demonstrating, presenting or reviewing a product or service
  5. Q&A’s or interviews
  6. Teaching or tutoring
  7. Customer testimonials or case studies
  8. Video press releases
  9. FAQ’s
  10. Advertising / promotion
  11. Fly on the wall / behind the scenes insight

If you haven’t already you should be thinking about using video for any number of the above purposes. There are over 40 potential uses of video in business – those are just a few of them!

So you need to be using video but then you need to be RANKING FOR YOUR KEYWORDS. Just like you need to rank in Google.

Basically, we can help you get your videos within the top 4 spots of the

3rd most visited website – YouTube –


Due to the unique, personal strategy we use & the time taken to do what needs doing we are only offering this service to a limited number of clients.


You get the immediate benefit of our totally unique custom strategy which has cost us years and £1000’s in time, trial & error to develop applied to your YouTube videos.


Be sure to reserve your slot immediately at our very special offer price below.


Remember, this is for the SMART people to get in on now. It’s similar to the opportunity represented by Google Adwords 6 years ago. At the moment this service is inexpensive and nowhere near as competitive or busy as it’s going to get. Mark our words, it is going to get busy & expensive!

  • The time to get in on this is NOW before prices and competition both increase rapidly. And so that you’re already up dominating for your keywords making it harder for the laggards to get to the top.

Invest in your future so that you’re not trying to play catch up to more pro-active, smarter competition who took advantage of this offer and are ranking at the top of YouTube enjoying more traffic, SEO, visitors and exposure as a result.

And remember if we don’t get you within a top 4 spot on YouTube within 4 weeks you get a full money back refund. Nothing to lose at all. That’s how confident we are.

Special offer introductory PRICES for a TOP 4 Ranking YouTube Spot

1 Video & 1 Keyword – Only £197

(& multiples thereof if you want extra videos or keywords ranked)

If you want your videos ranking for more keywords (or have more than one video you want to rank), just change the quantity on the order page.

Many clients want us to rank for 5, 10 or more keywords. We can do this for you.

For more pricing packages /video options or a personal customised quote please email


How it works:

  1. Reserve your spot by making a payment at our special offer prices above.
  2. You will be redirected to a Thank You page which will have the next steps.

Email Step 1: Please email

Email Step 2: Please send your YouTube login details (username & password)

Email Step 3: Please send the URL of the YouTube video/s you want us to promote for you

Email Step 4: Please suggest the niche keyword phrase you would like to target. For example – MOT in St Albans, Villa in Sri Lanka, Guitar teacher Kent

We will be in touch with you to confirm all details and the schedule



If you would like help creating a video please contact us. We have a team of experts on hand ready to assist. We can create all sorts of videos, including:

– Animated story sales videos – average price £1,000

– Animated handwriting videos of key selling points / logo animation – average price £190

– Punchy videos created from still images with (or without wording) – average price £250

– Screen capture videos recording one’s desktop and what is happening on the computer – contact for quote

– Presentation recordings such as the video above: animating slides & talking over the top of the presentation – contact for quote

– Full blown video projects, editing & consultation – contact for quote

Once you have a video created we can then create a YouTube account for you and get you to the top with our unique YouTube SEO service.

Please watch the short video below which gives an example of some of our video services.

For more info please contact us on